23 before 24

I've seen these '23 before 24' lists on a number of other blogs and decided that I would give it a try. Here goes . . .
1. Take one picture a day.
2. Take at least one roll of instax film a month.
3. Buy no more than two rolls of instax film a month. That film is pretty expensive for a person on my budget.
4. Graduate from grad school!!!!5. Find my first full-time job.
6. Move back home and find a place to live.
7. Sign up for this e-course and finally learn to sew!
8. Learn how to live on a budget.
9. Finally get my film developed from my Diana camera and use the camera more often. No more than one roll a month, though.
10. Cook at least once a week.
11. Find more time to spend with my friends.
12. Cut my soda consumption down to one soda a week.
13. Buy only one article of clothing a month (this includes shoes as well)!
14. Groom Ziggy myself instead of taking him to PetSmart.
15. Finish at least 10 DIY projects (this does not include the projects from the e-course).
16. Read a book a week over winter break.
17. Post on this blog once a week.
18. Become more involved in charitable causes.
19. Develop healthier eating habits.
20. Spend more time away from the computer each day.
21. Take Ziggy on a daily walk.
22. Stop window shopping online so often. It just makes me want more stuff!
23. Wear every article of clothing in my closet.